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Here are some of the most common questions we have received over the years:

Q. What types of paper can you print and die cut?
A. We can print on any type, weight or grade paper that is available in sheets.  Anything from Rice Paper to 24 pt. Board Stock. Coated or uncoated, offset, bond, tag, index, carbonless, text, cover - anything!
Q. Can you produce a printed or die cut piece thicker than 24 pts.?
A. Yes, but it involves printing on a standard sheet and mounting it to board stock. Total thickness will vary depending on the standard sheet selected and the board stock it is mounted to.
Q. What about synthetic "papers?"
A. We can print on most durable, waterproof and synthetic papers like Yupo, Rite in The Rain, Hop-Syn and Tough Check.  There are some limitations so you must explain the usage to confirm compatibility.
Q. What is the minimum size printing you can produce?
A. 1/2" x 1/2"
Q. What is the maximum size printing you can produce?
A. Up to 23" x 29 offset and die cut.  Larger sizes up to 80 inches are available for certain items-consult factory.

Q. What is your minimum quantity?
A.  We really have no minimum quantity however, depending on the complexity of the item, there are minimum set up charges that could result in a high per unit cost associated with a very small run. 
Q. In what format will you accept artwork?
A.  We accept PDF files in Adobe Creative Suite and Quark Express.  In some cases we will request the native files to make changes that are necessary for a satisfactory outcome.  We can also photograph line copy or printed samples, depending on the quality and contrast of the original.


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